6 Tips on how to stop procrastinating

To be honest, I am a big procrastinator. I know how it is when you’ve got an assignment due till next week. But your mind tells you to just watch something on Netflix, since there is a week until you have to submit it. Then suddenly you’ll be sitting the night before the assignment is due. Is this what you are going through? Well, I have been there before. And now I am going to help you with some tips that I have found that helps me to not procrastinate anymore.

Tip #1 Self-control

This is an app that I am in love with! I will recommend this app 100% if you want to stop procrastinating. You can download it on your laptop, and paste all the website links that you don’t want to use – let’s say facebook, and youtube – while you are working. Then put a timer for example 30 min, and voila you are done! If you search for facebook in your search bar on Google. You won’t be able to go on facebook, since the app has blocked you from that website for 30 min. And even though you delete the app from your laptop,ou can’t go on the website for the amount of time you have set the timer on, isn’t that great? So when the timer is on you can’t do anything other than go study or do whatever work you have to get done.

Tip #2 Have at least a 5-10 min break

This is very important. Let’s be honest here. You can’t study for a whole 4-5 hours without having to eat or do something else between those hours. Am I right? In that break, you can get yourself something to eat or go outside for a walk. It only has to be for 5-10 min so you can clear your mind before getting back to work.

Tip #3 Set a timer

Give yourself a time limit. Setting a timer can give you pressure, which can help you to make a lot of work done within that time period. This one works really well for me since I feel pressured to get stuff done. Kind of like when you are in an exam, and you have a certain time set until you have to submit your work. So, if you are like me, and you like to have a bit of pressure then I think this tip would be great for you!

Tip #4 Give yourself a treat after you are done

You can promise yourself, that you can watch your favorite series the rest of the day. Or you can give yourself a snack that you’ve been craving for. This will motivate you to get your stuff done in time since you will be looking forward to something.

Tip #5 Put your phone away

.This is something that I know can be hard for some people. But seriously how are you going to get anything done if you are on your phone all the time? Try to put it into another room away from your working place. Or give it to someone who can keep it until you are done with your work.

Tip #6 Think about how you’ll feel when you’re done

Think about how you will feel when you are finally done. You will feel so relieved. And now you don’t have to worry about your homework anymore, since you are all done. You can just turn on your favourite Netflix series, and start watching it. It’s seriously the best feeling ever I promise! Just do it. You can do it!

I hope that these 6 tips were useful for you. If you have any other tips that has worked for you, leave them in the comments below. Don’t forget to join my newsletter to be the first one to know when I am posting something new!

“Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.” – Christopher Parker


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