5 Netflix series to Binge watch

Who doesn’t love binge-watching series? When I find a series that I absolutely love, I will literally not do anything other than watch that series. I will stop eating and function and just lay in my bed all day long. Fortunately, I have school and homework which forces me to get out of bed and do something else other than watching series all day long (but I still have days where all I do is watch series, shhh). In this blog post, I am giving you 5 Netflix Series to Binge-Watch!


I don’t even have words for this one. I started watching this a few weeks ago and I instantly fell in love with it from the second I started watching it. Last night I saw the last episode of season 3 and I cried so much that it was over, but now I can’t wait until 25th February when the new episodes will be released!! Just go watch it!

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Prison break

I was recommended to watch “Prison break” by one of my friends and I am so happy to have watched it. This one is AMAZING!! You MUST watch this one. GO GO GO!!

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Stranger things

I have watched this one from the beginning to the end, and I love it! It’s an amazing horror series. To be honest I HATE anything that’s about horror but this one is actually not that scary. So if you are like me that hates anything about horror movies/series then maybe you can try this one out as I did and if you don’t like it then you can always stop watching it.

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This one is a classic. You have to watch it NOW. I started watching it last year (2018) since my friends forced me to do it and when I saw it, in the beginning, I didn’t like it since it looked old you know? But seriously you HAVE to go watch it now! I’ve literally watched it 2 times! I am going to start again soon.

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Gilmore Girls

This one I started watching this year and oh.my.god I love it soo much! I seriously love the mom and daughter relationship they have in this series. It’s a chill series that you can just watch while relaxing.

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Happy binge-watching!

I hope that you will start watching one of these series if you haven’t already. What is your favorite series to watch on Netflix? Comment down below and I would love to give them a try!

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