How To Study Effectively

Are you wondering on how to study effectively? And are you in need of some study tips to improve the way you study? Then you are on the right website. In this blog post, I am going to give you some tips on How To Study Effectively!

Learn the material the first time

Try to learn the material correctly the first time. If you don’t understand the material ask your teacher in class or try to understand it the same day!

Teach others about your subjects

Teach others what you learned. That way you will know if you understand the topic since you’ll be able to tell your sister/best friend or even parents about that topic. It even helps you remember the information even more. You can also ask that person to ask you question after you are done talking about that subject.

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Use flashcards to learn and memorize facts and definitions

This is a really great way to memorize stuff. You can have questions on the one side and the answers on the back. You can even play with your classmates to see who answered correctly the most. This will be a fun and effective way to memorize information. These flashcards can be physical or digital flashcards.

Plan well!

Make a calendar only for your school work! You can print out some free ones from the internet. Plan all your days and study a different subject every day! Remember to give yourself enough time to cover all the topics long before the exam! If you have an organized and well-planned calendar you wouldn’t have to give up your social life to study.

Work consistently.

Remember to work every day! Do your homework, revise for each text or quiz that you have to take, and read over your notes! If you havenโ€™t yet, then buy Mildliners! They are so great for notetaking especially because they will make your notes look so pretty! So if you are like me and you love to make your notes colorful and pretty, then you have to buy them! You can buy 3 pack with 15 different colors for only $12,95!!

Read over the textbook chapter BEFORE the lesson/lecture.
This one is a really good tip since you’ll understand the material even better when your teacher talks about it.
Don’t study without breaks.

Remember to also take breaks! Don’t study for hours and hours. You should make sure to relax your mind. Go out to take some fresh air or treat yourself with something. You should take a break every 25 minutes or every 3 hours! But don’t take a long break where you’ll end up procrastinating. Read my other blog post if you are struggling with procrastinating.

Find your most productive time of the day

Find out on what time of the day that you feel most productive, and take that time to master the most difficult topics.

Sleep well the night before the exam

Don’t study until 5 am since sleep will do you better than studying at this time. You have to be relaxed and awake for your exam.

When studying, read more into the study material than just your textbooks.

This is something that I always do. I don’t only read my textbooks. I watch videos about that subject since that makes me understand the study material more. You can even read online articles or look for study guides.

When you feel unmotivated, remind yourself why you want to reach your goal.

Find out what your goal is and remind yourself why you are working so hard! Is it because you want to make your parents happy? Do you want yourself to be happy? Do you have a dream college that you really want to go to? Just remind yourself why you are doing this, and it’ll motivate you to keep working towards your goal! You can do it!

Write notes in your own words, don’t just copy from the textbook

I know a lot of people who just copy exactly what is written in the textbooks. That is a really bad way to learn the study material since you won’t be focusing on what the textbook is actually telling you. Write your notes in your own words for better to understand it. This way you learn more and you know that you understand what you just read.

I really hope that you guys could use some of these tips. Write some of your own tips in the comments below to help other people!

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” โ€“ Robert Collier


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