How To Get Your Life Together

I totally know those days where you feel very unmotivated, and you feel like your life is not put together at all. Today I am going to give you some tips on How To Get Your Life Together which I hope will get you motivated and help you!


The first step is to clean your room, apartment or house. If your place is a mess and there are things laying around, it will make you so unmotivated and you would just lay around doing nothing, and I totally get that, so get up from the sofa and start cleaning! Go clean your room, do laundry, clean makeup brushes, etc

Declutter and get rid of things

Now go organize your closet. Make a keep pile, a donate pile and a trash pile. This way it’s so much easier to clean your closet and I am sure you’ll find clothes that you never wear.

Extra tip: Keep in mind that if you haven’t used a shirt or a pair of jeans for a long time, you probably won’t use it anytime soon, so you can either sell it or donate it.

Clean Your Car

Throw out the stuff that you don’t need in your car. Vacuum your car and maybe get a car wash also. You can either pay for a car wash and get it done like that, or you can wash your car with your friends or siblings. I am sure that would be fun to do together!

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Stat Planning

Get a planner or bullet journal. Write down your plans that you have to keep track of and be organized. If you haven’t tried out bullet journaling you can find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest.

Set Goals And To-Do Lists

To-do lists are really good to keep you organized since you’ll have a list of what you have to get done. Then you can just check them off once you are done. You can even do a grocery list in notes, where you can check of food that you’ve bought.

Make A Vision Board

Make a vision board where you print out nice and cool pictures, fx your dream house or your dream car, etc and put it on your vision board. Hang your vision board up somewhere where you’ll see it every day. These pictures or quotes will remember you to keep working hard to achieve your goals.

Clean Your School bad/everyday purse

You probably know the feeling when you are in a hurry and you just need to find your car keys or something in your purse, but there is so much stuff so you are stressing out to find those keys right? Throw out stuff in your everyday purse that you never use. Maybe you have some junk like gum paper or just paper that you’ve been drawing on because you were bored in school. Do the same with your school bag, sometimes you’ll just throw it in your purse because you are just lazy to put it away somewhere else or throw it out.

Digital Declutter

You should also declutter your phone, laptop, iPad or whatever you have. Go through your phone and laptop and delete apps that you don’t use, delete old notes, delete pictures that you don’t need, transfer pictures/documents to a hard drive. Go through your music playlist, remove songs that you don’t listen to anymore, etc…

Book Stuff That You’ve Been Putting Out

Sometimes we are just too busy or even lazy to call the dentist to book a time or get our eyebrows fixed. Now you have the time to go do it, girl!

Take Care Of Your Health

This is an important one. I know life can get really stressful but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be taking care of yourself. Always take care of your health. Do not overwork and have at least a day off so that your mental health and body can relax.

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I hope that you could use this blog post! Comment down below what you do when you feel like your life is not together or if you feel unmotivated, that way we can help each other! <3

You know it’s time to change your life around when you start getting frustrated and disappointed with yourself – unknown


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