Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him And Her

It’s February month and Valentine’s day is coming up soon so it’s time to spoil your loved one! In this blog post, I have found some Valentine’s gift that you can give to your girlfriend or boyfriend. There are 10 gift ideas for him and 10 gift ideas (+1) for her!

For Him:

1. A Brand New Cologne

Buy him a good cologne. Who wouldn’t want their man to smell good? And I am sure that your man wants to smell good for you as well.  Maybe you can get him his favorite cologne that he just used up or find a new scent that he’ll probably love.

2. Games

Who doesn’t like games? Most of the guys love to play videogames so you should definitely surprise him with a game that he always wanted to play and you can even play with him!

3. Shoes

I am sure most guys like shoes, so get him some shoes! Find a pair of shoes that is his style or maybe you can get him that shoe that he has been looking at for a while.

4. Hats

Is your man a hat guy? Then give him a hat, I am sure he’ll love it! If you want to make it a bit cuter then you can get both of you matching hats that you can wear on Valentine’s day, such a cute idea right?

5. Gym stuff

If your boyfriend is all into the “New Year New Me” trend and is starting to work out and stuff, you can definitely give him a new set of workout clothes, a water bottle that he can take to the gym or a new gym bag.

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6. Make Him A Video

Make him a video where you express your feelings for him. Tell him how you feel about him and tell him what you love about him. This is such a great and adorable idea since he’ll keep this gift forever and watch it whenever he wants to. You can even film small clips up until valentine’s day or if you already have small clips of him or even both of you, you can edit them together and maybe do a voice-over. This is a priceless gift that you can never buy anywhere, it’s a very creative gift idea that you should definitely make for him this year!

7. A Framed Picture

Give him a framed picture of both of you. Most likely he’ll put it up on his wall or put it on his desk. You can make it cute by writing all the things you love about it him around the picture.

8. A Scrapbook

You can make a cute little scrapbook with all your pictures in it. Put some stickers on it write something cute and you are done! It’s such a cute gift that I am sure he’ll appreciate!

9. A Watch

Is there a watch that he always wanted? Go buy that one if you can, or if there is one that you know will look good on him then go purchase it.

10. 5 Senses

You can make a gift for all of his 5 senses. Touch, taste, smell, hearing, and vision. 

Touch: You can give him a massage. Put a massage oil and a lotion in a cute bag that you can use on him when you are giving him a massage. Other things that you can give in the touch category could be a wallet, clothes, shoes, couples massage, jewelry, etc. 

Taste: Give him chocolate. Buy him his favorite chocolate or candy and wrap it in a cute wrapping paper. You can also cook for him if you think just giving him chocolate is boring. 

Smell: You can give him a cologne or a scented candle if he likes that. 

Hearing: You can make this one funny by buying him a card that plays music when he opens it, or you can buy him some brand new headphones (maybe the AirPods Pro?) or concert tickets where you can have a great time at both of your favorite artist’s concert.

Vision: Put on your favorite movie and make some popcorn and have a chill evening with him. If you want to make it more adventurous you can go on a hot air balloon ride or even go on a Ferris wheel.

For Her:

1. Stuffed Animals

Girls loooooove stuffed animals so you won’t go wrong with this one. Get her a big cute stuffed animal that she can hug and snuggle with. I’ve seen a cute teddy bear that is made out of roses, that is such a cute teddy bear that I am sure your girlfriend will love!

This one! So Pretty!! Unfortunately, I don’t know where to get them.
2. A Spa Day

Give her a spa day. She will be loved to get treated for the day. Get her nails done or give her a nice massage. She will LOVE it!

3. Plan out the evening

Plan out a romantic dinner for you and her. Pick her up and go to a nice restaurant and after that, you can walk at the beach or somewhere nice for a bit and then go home and watch a good movie and chill for the night. If you don’t’ have money to take her out to eat then cook her favorite food, I am sure she’ll love that you took your time to cook her food! This is so thoughtful!

4. Make Her A Video

If you’ve read my 6th idea for what to get a guy for Valentine’s day, then this is the same one. I think this is such a cute idea that you can give a guy and a girl, so if you are a guy and want to give your girlfriend a gift then give her this one, she will appreciate it so much and she can look back at the video many years after. Tell her how much you love and appreciate her and tell her what you love about her the most, she will feel so loved!

5. Chocolate

Buy her favorite chocolate. Every girl loves chocolate and she would love it even more if they are from her favorite person.

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6. Jewelry

Everyone knows that girls LOVE jewelry so get her a nice bracelet, earrings or a ring. You can even buy her some personalized jewelry from Etsy!

7. Write Her A Letter

Write her a nice thoughtful letter that she will keep forever. Type it out or write it out, put a lot of energy and thought into it and tell her how much you appreciate her. Tell her what your future plans are with her, girls love to hear about the future! 

8. Goodie Box

Make her a goodie box with bath bombs, cremes, soaps, throw some chocolate inside the box as well, etc. Put all of the goodies inside a cute box and give it to her, your girl will absolutely love it! 

9. Explosion Box

Make a cute explosion box! You can watch youtube tutorials and make it from scratch or buy one from amazon where you just need to put it all together. This is such a cute and nice gift idea for your girlfriend!

10. Books

I know that some girls love to read books (ME!) so get a great book that you think she’ll love or one that she always wanted to read. 

11. Bonus Gift Idea For Her

You can get her a gift card for a whole mall that she loves to shop at since that way she can choose whatever store she wants to use the gift card for or you can get her a gift card at her favorite store, that you know she’ll be happy to shop at. 

I hope that this blog post helped you find a gift for your loved one. Share this post with your friends and family. Let me know in the comments if you are going to use any of these gift ideas! Take care of yourself until next time!

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”
– 1 Corinthians 13:13

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