How To Always Have Your Room Clean

Sometimes your room can get messy and it can be very annoying. I love to keep my room clean and I am very organized so today I am giving you some great tips that helped me. This blog post is about How To Always Keep Your Room Clean.

Make Your Bed

First things first. Make it a habit to make your bed in the morning. It doesn’t have to be perfect or anything, it just needs to look presentable. I promise you that if you make your bed look presentable your whole room will look different than if your bed wasn’t made. 

Throw Away Stuff When You Are Done Using It

This is a life-changer tip. Start by doing it today and see what a difference it makes. Put your books away and your pencil case away from your bed when you are done studying. Did you drink a cup of tea in your room and now it’s just sitting there on your desk? Get up and put it in the kitchen. This way you won’t have a lot to do when you want to clean since you are already tidying up after yourself.

Jacket/Bag holder

Have a jacket hanger on the back of your door, since you won’t throw your jacket or bag on the floor and you can easily just hang it there. 

Get Rid Of Stuff Regularly

Get rid of stuff that doesn’t mean anything to you or you don’t use anymore. Why would you have things in your room or house that you don’t use or don’t mean anything to you? Give it away so that someone else can use it or throw it away. Make this tip a regular thing that you do, that way you won’t have too many stuff piling up in your room since you are throwing away stuff you won’t need.


Make a list of what tasks to do on the day you want to clean. If you are too busy to clean a couple of days a week, then there are tons of ideas on Pinterest on what you can do weekly/monthly. 

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Get Reminded

If you always seem to forget to clean on the day you choose to be your cleaning day then put a reminder on your phone. You can make it remind you weekly or monthly or you can even customize it to what works best for you. 

Room Spray/Candles/Oil Diffuser

Get a room spray and spray it in your room to make your room smell fresh and clean. If you prefer candles or oil diffusers more you can use them as well. 

Clean Before Going To Bed

This is a great tip since you won’t be thinking about your messy room when you are going to bed. You don’t have to do anything big, just pick up things from the floor and wipe out your desk if there is anything on it, etc. This way you will wake up to a nice and clean room in the morning. 

Have A “To-Do” Bin

I love this tip! Get a bin that you can call your “To-Do” bin. This bin is where you dump all the things that you have to put away that you just can’t do that second but you will do later. Are you using your pencil case but you have to go out with your friends or something so you don’t have time to put it away in your schoolbag, just dump it in the To-Do bin and put it away once you are back. This will also make your room cleaner since you won’t have things lying around your room but everything will just be in this bin. 

Get Dividers

I know I know, everything is electronic now but there are still teachers at school that give you tasks or homework on paper or maybe you have a contract from your job that is on your desk. I really want to have a drawer where you can get those hanger dividers like in the picture below for my contracts, school stuff, bills, etc so that I can put it away and be more organized with my papers. If you do not have dividers, you can easily buy some dividers on Amazon or you can get a folder and put your papers there instead. 

You can get this one by clicking here

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Get A Glass Top For Your Desk

Do you have a desktop that always gets dirty very easily? Get a glass top! The glass top will not only protect the desktop but it is also very easy to clean! You literally just need to wipe out any dirt on the desk once and it is gone! 

Laundry Day

I think we’ve all been there when you are trying to find your favorite t-shirt and then you remember that you haven’t done your laundry for weeks. This tip is a great way to never make that happen again, EVER! Pick out one day a week that you have to do your laundry. This way you’ll always have new and clean clothes every week! 

5-10 Min Rule

If you look at your room and you know that it will take you under 10 min to clean your room, then just do it! If it only takes you under 10 min why would you put it away and make your room dirtier and then in a few days it will take 30-40 min to clean up your room. Put on your favorite playlist and dance around while tidying up. You will be so much happier and feel so accomplished once you are done, I promise you! 

This post was all about How To Always Have Your Room Clean. I hope these tips helped you out, if it did then make sure to share this blog post with your friends and family! If you have any other tips and tricks, leave them in the comments below and I’ll love to read them! Take care of yourself until next time! 

“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.”
– Marie Kondo

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