10 Tips On How To Declutter Your Room

Decluttering can be very time consuming and you might not know where to even start, and to be honest, it’s quite harder to clean a space when it’s cluttered, so that’s why I’ve decided to help you out today. 
This blog post shows you 10 Tips On How To Declutter Your Room.

Make A Keep, Throw, Sell Or Donate Pile

First things first, make a keep, throw, sell and donate pile. This will make you less stressed out and more organized while you are decluttering!

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Declutter Your Closet

Make a big pile of all your clothes on your bed or on the floor. Pick up each clothing and find out if you know you are going to wear it or won’t wear it.
When you are done with categorizing what clothes you want and don’t want, then it’s time to hang it back in your closet. Make sure to hang all your clothes where the hook of the hanger is facing towards you. Every time you wear something flip the hanger towards the wall, after a few months you’ll start seeing what you are wearing and not wearing.

Declutter Your Books

Gather everything in a pile just like with your clothes. Make a throw, keep, sell or donate pile, this way you’ll find out which books you actually need and you’ll have space for new books, it’s a win-win situation! 

Declutter Your Desk

Wipe the surface of your desk to make it clean. Throw away papers or knick-knacks that you don’t use. Organize your desk drawer by putting things like pens, washi tape, etc in containers instead of just throwing everything in there and make a big mess. 

Declutter The Things Under Your Bed

Are you the type of person that storages things under your bed? Get all that junk out and throw things away that you won’t use. 

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Keep Your Surfaces Clear

By surface, I mean your desk, night table, dresser, etc. Your room will look more calm and clean if there are not too many things on all of the surfaces. Try to make a limit on how many things you can have on your desk, dresser and so on, for example, you can maximum have 5 things on each surface. 

Storage Bins

Get yourself some storage bins so you can put away things that you need but won’t use on a regular basis. It can be things like wires, books, etc. 

1 In And 1 Out Rule

I think everyone should follow this rule since it’s such a great way to declutter. Once you buy something then you have to find another thing from your room to throw out, donate or sell. This way your room won’t get too filled up with things, and you are just going to throw something away that you won’t be using and in return, you get a brand new item!

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Pack Away Out Of Season Clothes

Why would you have hoodies in your closet if it’s summer? Put away all your winter clothes if it’s summer. Put it away in storage bins under your bed, that way you’ll free up more space in your closet and you won’t have unnecessary clothes that you won’t even be using. 

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 30 Min

Spend 30 min every week to declutter your room. This way your room won’t be too decluttered since you’ll be throwing out stuff and organizing your room every week!

That was my 10 Tips On How To Declutter Your Room. I hope this blog post helped you if it did then make sure to share this post with your family and friends. Comment down below when you decluttered your room last time! Take care of yourself until next time!

“For if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God’s church?”
– 1 Timothy 3:5

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