11 Tips On How To Save Money

How great would it be to have enough money so that you won’t stress or worry about paying your bills? There are two ways to have more money, one is to make more money or two is to save more money. In this blog post, I am going to help you save more money. 
This blog post shows you 11 Tips On How To Save Money.

Tell Your Family/Friends

Let your friends or family know that you are going to save up for something. Whenever you are going to buy something they’ll always remind you that you are saving up for that thing, so you won’t buy something useless.

Tape It Or Save It

Print out a picture of what you are saving for and stick it to your wallet or have a picture of what you are saving for as your lock screen, that way you will always be reminded that you are saving for that thing.

Look Up Coupon Codes

Before buying something online, try to google if there is a coupon code for it. You can save so much money by using a coupon code instead of buying “extra” for it if you don’t use a coupon code.

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Just DIY It

Instead of buying a lip scrub, make it yourself at home! Just mix some honey, olive oil and sugar and there you have it, your own homemade lip scrub! How much did that cost? Nothing! You just saved yourself from using your money on unnecessary stuff. You can also watch YouTube videoes on how to make facemask, hair mask, etc at home. You’ll save so much money by doing this!

Get Cash Back

You can get cashback by using Rakuten (also known as Ebates). Rakuten is the largest cashback site. They partner with the biggest name brands like Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Adidas, Sephora and more! You can get up to 15% cashback when you shop through them. You can get cashback, coupons, promo codes for free by using them. It is very easy, you can just use the Google extension, so whenever you are doing some online shopping (and that shop has Rakuten) there will be a popup and a button that says “Activate” you can just click on it and you are good to go! So easy right?

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Be Patient Before Buying Something

Ask yourself if you really do need to buy that t-shirt or that cute mug? Give yourself at least 3 days and see if you forget about it. In those 3 days, you’ll also see if you do really need that t-shirt or that cute mug. If you think it’s hard to wait 3 days then write a pros and cons list.

Cut Out Unnecessary Spendings

Write down what you are spending every month and see what you spend the most on, is it on Starbucks? Clothing? Ask yourself if you do really need to buy Starbucks every single day? Try to maybe limit it to twice a week or so.

Put In A Dollar

Find a shoebox or a jar and put in a dollar every single day. DO NOT take any money from that jar. I promise you that if you don’t touch it, it will just add up and by the end of the month you’ll have 30 bucks! You’ll save a lot of money by doing this. 

Get Notified When Your Favorite Item Is On Sale

You’ll save so much money by using Shoptagr! Download the Google extension and whenever you shop online, save it to Shoptagr and you’ll get notified once that item is on sale! How amazing is that?! 

Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions

Why are you still paying for a subscription that you don’t use as often or don’t use at all? That’s just a waste of money! Go unsubscribe and save some money from that! 

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Use Cash Instead Of Credit Card

Instead of buying things with your credit card use cash instead. I know that everyone uses credit cards nowadays, but by using your credit card you will not feel like your money is being used since you are just swiping it on a machine, but when you are using cash you’ll see that your cash is gone once your purchased something, that way you’ll be more careful with using your money.

I hope that this blog post was useful to you. Let me know in the comments if you could use some of the tips and if you have any other tips on saving money, let’s help each other out! Take care of yourself until next time!

“Four things on earth are small, yet they are extremely wise: Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer”
– Proverbs 30:24-25

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