25 Things To Do When You Are In Quarantine

That is so crazy. I can’t believe that the whole world is actually shutting down. I feel so bad for the people who lost a family member or friends because of this virus. A lot of people are in quarantine and it must be very hard to just be inside and not being able to go outside. That’s why I wrote this blog post to everyone who is in quarantine so that you can do some of these things to pass some time. Please stay safe out there and take care of yourself and your family. Just remember that this is just temporary. 
This blog post is 15 Things To Do When You Are In Quarantine.

Make TikToks

Everyone literally has a TikTok account nowadays. If you don’t then it’s time to make one! I promise you that you’ll never get bored being on TikTok and the time will fly by so fast when you are watching TikToks or even making some of your own! You should definitely start making an account and create cool and funny videos! 

Read Books

Have you always wanted to read books? Well, now you got the time to do it! Why not start reading a book since you are just at home? I’ve read 3 books so far and I love it! I’ve always enjoyed reading books so I don’t feel like it’s hard for me to take a book and start reading it. 

Spring Clean

Since spring just started it’s time to do a spring clean, yay! Do a deep spring clean of your room. To make it even more fun, make a time-lapse of you cleaning your room and then watch it after you are done, this has always helped me to be more motivated to do something since it’s so fun to watch the video when you are done! Click right here to find helpful tips on how to declutter your room. 

Online Shopping

Because of the coronavirus, there are a lot of stores that are taking away delivery fees to encourage people to buy and there is also a lot of sales on different online stores. And since you are on quarantine you can’t go outside so you can shop inside your room!


It’s time to do some self-care! Put a facemask and a hair mask on and take a nice hot bath. You’ve got all this time at home so why not for once treat yourself now that you’ve got the time?


Disconnect from all the media. I feel like it sometimes can be too stressful to just scroll down Facebook, Instagram or whatever and only see news about the coronavirus. I always tend to start reading a lot about it and feel stressed out and sad at the end since so many people are losing a family member or a friend. You should definitely take a break from all the social media so that you won’t get too overwhelmed by all the news that’s going around.

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Take An Online Class

While you are just at home doing nothing you can at least learn something new. Take an online class in something, maybe a new language or a subject you want to become better in? Now you’ve got the time to improve your knowledge!

Write A Letter To Your Future Self

I think this is such a fun thing to do, and I am going to do it today! You can talk about how the world is right now and what you are doing, how your family is and just generally what’s going on in your life right this moment. This is such a great idea since your future self can look back at this moment and remember what it was like.

Practice / Find A Hobby

Practice one of your hobbies and get better at it or find a hobby that you’ve always wanted to do. Maybe you’ve always wanted to become better at drawing? You can find a lot of helpful videos on YouTube where you can learn to draw! Do you want to play the piano or maybe you want to learn how to cook? You can start right now!

Do Your Nails

Do your nails, you can even be more creative and do some nail art. It is always nice to have your nails done!

Bake Or Cook

You should definitely bake a cake or something and enjoy it with your family! Maybe you can even cook dinner for your family. I am sure your family will enjoy it and at the same time, you’ll get better at cooking.

Clean Jewelry/Makeup Brushes

It’s time to clean your jewelry and makeup brushes. Just throw all of your jewelry in one pile and clean each of them. I am sure your makeup brushes just sits there all nice and dirty, they need to be cleaned as well! You will feel so much great after you are done and you’ve used your time doing something productive as well!

Practise Doing Makeup

Since you’ve cleaned your makeup brushes you can do some new to make some makeup looks. I’ve always wanted to become better at doing makeup, so I love to watch youtube videos on how to do different makeup looks. If you’ve also wanted to become better at doing makeup now is the time! Or maybe you’ve never done makeup before, well you can start right this moment.

Attempt An All Nighter

Why not try to do an all-nighter while you are in quarantine? You don’t have school or work tomorrow so you can at least just try to do it. I’ve never done it before but maybe I should. You can even do a movie marathon while you are pulling an all-nighter, you can watch “Friends” “Harry Potter” or you can commit yourself to only watching Disney shows, how fun is that?


Just because you can’t go outside it doesn’t mean that you should just lay in your bed all day. Get up and do some stretches or a short workout at home. You can always find helpful workout routines that you can do at home on YouTube.

Create Pinterest Boards

I looooove Pinterest! Who doesn’t? I can just scroll down and pin pins to my boards all day long! I am sure that you’ll love Pinterest as well, there are so many different inspirational pictures on there. Make some different boards like “Travel” “Fashion” etc and pin pins within that category! You will have so much fun doing this I promise!

Create A Spotify Playlist

It’s time to make a new Spotify playlist. Find some new songs on Spotify and make a playlist that you can listen to all the time while you are at home. You can even make a “Quarantine” playlist that you can jam to while you are in quarantine. Just go crazy with it!

Learn New Hairstyles

It’s always great to learn new stuff! Watch some Youtube videos on how to do french braids if you don’t know how to do them. Try to learn to do different hairstyles every day. Instead of always doing your normal hairstyle you can now do some new once and I am sure your friends would be impressed to see you with different hairstyles once quarantine is over. You can also facetime with your friends and do it with them, that would be so fun!

Catch Up With Friends And Family

It’s time to catch up on your friends and family. Do you have any friends or a cousin that you haven’t spoken to for quite some time? Call them and ask them how they are doing. Maybe you can play some games or do something fun while you are talking.

Go Live

Have you ever been live before? If you haven’t then now is the time where you can try it out. Go live on whatever social media app you want to go live on and talk to strangers, just have fun with it!

Get Ahead On Homework

I know I know, you’ve gotten a break from school so why would you do homework? Well, why not? I know that some people have online classes and some of you don’t, so if you don’t then I think you should definitely get ahead on some homework so that you won’t be stressed out when all of this is over and your teachers give you tons of homework that your class has missed during this quarantine time.

Organize And Declutter Your Phone/Laptop

Since you are doing a spring clean of your room why not organize and declutter your electronics? Delete apps that you don’t use anymore, change your background photo, you can even color coordinate your apps!

Binge All The Shows

Just start watching things! You have the time now to binge whatever you want. Some shows that I would recommend watching are “The Circle” I love that show and I can’t wait for season 2! If you haven’t watched that show yet, well go watch it now! I would also recommend watching “Love Is Blind” that is also a great show to watch! And my all-time favorite show is “Friends” I’ve watched that show a million times and I just can’t stop watching it!

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Rearrange Your Room

I think that you should definitely do this! This is so much fun and you won’t be bored at all. Find a paper and draw where you want your bed, desk and all of your furniture to be and start rearranging your room! I am sure you’ll love the way your room turns out in the end and it will also feel like a brand new room!

Clean Out Your Purse

I always throw my receipts in my purse and then I forget to throw them out, so I always have a big junk of receipt inside my purse. Clean all your purses, I am sure you have some stuff inside that you don’t use. It will be a fresh start and it will feel good when you are done.

That was 15 Things To Do When You Are In Quarantine. I hope this blog post helped you to give you some ideas on what to do when you are bored at home. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family so that they also can have an idea of what to do while they are at home. Take care of yourself until next time! xx

“The Lord gives sight to the blind, the Lord lifts up those who are bowed down, the Lord loves the righteous.”
– Psalm 146:8

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