How To Organize And Declutter Your Phone

It’s time to organize and declutter your phone! I’ve always loved organizing my phone since I feel like it’s a brand new phone once I am done decluttering and organizing. That’s why I wanted to help you to organize and declutter your phone.
This blog post is How To Organize And Declutter Your Phone.

Decluttering Tips

Offload Apps

Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Here you can see which apps take up the most space in your phone. By offloading your phone you are keeping all your data, documents, etc but it’s going to uninstall the app but whenever you click on the app it will automatically install the app again. This way you are still keeping all your data in your app but it’s not taking as much space in your phone as it would if you had the app on your phone.

Delete Apps You Don’t Use

To see what apps you don’t use at all or don’t use often go to Settings > Screen Time > Screen Activity. Here you can see what apps you use the most and then you can see the apps you never use at the end of the list.

Unfollow People

Go through your follower’s list and see who you are following, maybe there is someone you actually don’t want to follow then just unfollow them. If you don’t follow a lot of people you will be less on your phone since there won’t be a lot on your feed to go through, which is a good thing!

Unsubscribe From Email Subscriptions

My email inbox always gets full of all kinds of weird subscriptions, and I always procrastinate to unsubscribe from them, but it is time to get rid of all of it now. You can connect your email to Unroll Me which is free to see what you are subscribed to and you can unsubscribe from them right then and there.

Empty Recently Deleted Album

I actually do this all the time since it’s very annoying for me to actually not have the picture I delete, deleted permanently which it actually is not since the deleted pictures are just being moved to the “Recently Deleted” album. This takes up a lot of space on your phone as well.

Delete Text Messages

Delete old text messages that you might have. Maybe you have a message with your teacher a year ago, why not delete that conversation? Or maybe it’s just text messages from your phone subscription or something. Messages takes up space as well so you might as well delete messages that you don’t need to free up some space.

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Delete Your Call Logs And Safari Tabs

What do you need your call logs for? Just get rid of it I don’t think you’ll actually use your call logs, and it’s just there taking up space on your phone. Also, delete your safari tabs, I actually forget to do this so I have around 30-40 tabs on safari which I haven’t closed yet, oops…

Turn Off Notifications

I’ve turned off my notifications for all of my games since I don’t need those notifications, you can do the same. Turn the notifications off on apps you don’t actually need notifications for fx photography apps etc. You can easily turn your notifications off by going to Settings > Notifications and then click on which ever app you don’t want notifications from.

Organization Tips

Use Emojis As Your Folders Names

Choose an emoji for each of your folder. This is really cute and you can make it really aesthetic by also having the apps in each folder color coordinated.

Change Your Font On Your Folders

As you see I have spaced out all the letters on every folder that I have, I really like how that looks and you can do the same as well!

Organize Your Notes

Organize all your notes by making folders for your notes. I have a lot of different folders as you can see, and I just love how it looks and it is also very easy for me to go through my notes if I need something instead of scrolling down to find what I need.

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Change Your Background

Find a picture that inspires you, or a picture with your friends, a picture with your goals, etc. You can find a lot of beautiful background pictures on Instagram, I even have a whole board of backgrounds to iPhones and laptops, you can follow the board right here.

Organize Photos Into Albums

This is a really great idea to keep all your photos organized. You can make folder for your social media photos, travel photos etc. It will also be easier for you to find the picture you might be looking for one day. You can also transfer all your pictures and videos to a harddrive so that you can free up some space on your phone.

Organize Your Apps

You can either make your apps in themed rows, also called shelving I think, or color coordinate them. Themed rows are when you have a folder at the beginning of a row fx your social media folder and then you choose 3 of your most used social media apps and have it besides that folder so that you are creating that whole row to only social media, and then you do the same thing with your photography folder in the next row and so on. I recently changed my apps from being color coordinated to themed rows, and I think it looks so nice!

Organize Emails Into Folders

I have folders for my contracts, my receipts, subscriptions etc and I think that you should organize all your emails into folders as well! This will be so much easier for you since all your emails will be in folders and you can even color coordinate your folders, how awesome is that?

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Edit Your Widgets

If you have an iPhone you can find your widgets when you swipe left. I have my calendar, batteries since I can also see how much battery my AirPods have instead of always opening the case to see how much the battery is I can swipe left to see it, which is so convenient. You can choose which widgets you want to have by scrolling down and then click on “edit”. You can choose what you want to be shown in your widgets and you can also organize it by which widget that should show at the beginning and so on.

This blog post was all about How To Organize And Declutter Your Phone. I really hope that I gave you an idea on how to declutter and organize your phone. If you have any other tips and tricks, you are more than welcome to comment it down below. Make sure to share this blog post with your friends and family. Take care of yourself until next time! xx

“Let all things be done decently and in order.”
– 1 Corinthians 14:40

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