How To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

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Do you have a small room that you really want to look bigger and have some extra space? Just keep on reading this blog post.
This blog post is How To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger.

Pick A Theme For Your Room

First of all, you need to pick a theme for your room. What is your style? Are you more of a vintage type? Modern? Colorful? Find out your style and have that in mind before buying furniture and decorations for your room.

Make Darker Furniture Lighter

Do you have a dark nightstand? Or is your desk a dark brown color? Paint your dark furniture in a lighter color to make your room more open and bigger. You can always have small dark-colored decorations here and there that just pops.

Try To Be As Minimalistic As Possible

I am saying that you should become a minimalist or anything but since you have a small room you shouldn’t have a lot of things out in the open since it will make your room look cluttered and a lot smaller. Instead of having your makeup and jewelry out on your desk put it away and have only a few pieces of your jewelry that you use every day. You can find some great decorations to put on your desk right here.

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Get A Smaller Bed

It is not necessary to have a big bed when you have a small space to work with. Get a smaller size bed so that your room is not taken by your whole bed.

Measure Before Buying Furniture

Remember to measure your room and space where you want each furniture to be before buying it so that you don’t buy a bigger piece of furniture, that would just be a waste of time to buy it and then return it again.

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Buy Furniture That Is Taller

Find furniture that is taller rather than wider since the furniture won’t take up that much space if it’s taller. You can maybe buy a drawer that has a few more drawers and is taller than a drawer that only has a few drawers but is wider. This will save you a lot of space!

Don’t Have Too Many Furniture

Do not overpack your room with furniture since your room definitely will not look bigger by doing that. I am sure you’ll be fine with just a bed, a drawer for your clothes and a desk. Why would you have 2 nightstand tables if it’s just your room? You don’t need two, you can just have 1 or maybe you don’t need a bedside table at all.

Put Your Bed Against The Wall

You already have a small space so why would you make it, even more, smaller by putting your bed in the middle? Just put your bed against the wall so that it doesn’t take a lot of space.

Get Wall Shelves

You can build or buy some wall shelves. You can put a few cute decorations on it to make it pretty. This way you don’t have to put all your decorations on your furniture and make it cluttered. You can find some great shelves for a very good price to hang on the wall right here.

Have A Mirror

Mirrors are such a great investment to have in a room to make it look bigger. Mirrors bounce light and reflection of the space. The bigger the mirror is the better it is!

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Get Bigger Pieces Of Arts

Instead of buying small wall arts to hang up on your wall, you can buy bigger wall arts. This will make your walls look bigger and your room as well. Here you can find some great wall art.

Get Light Color Rugs

Don’t buy rugs in darker colors especially if your floor is already dark, this will just darken your whole room and it will make your room feel so much smaller. Buy rugs with lighter colors and I promise you that your room will look bigger.

Raise Your Furniture

You don’t need to raise all your furniture of course, you can just raise your bed and your nightstand table, that would be enough. This will give you some space under the furniture to make your room look bigger and you can also use that space to put away stuff that you don’t want to be seen under it, a genius idea right?

Make Your Windows Look Bigger

You can make your windows look bigger by hanging your drapes above your window frame and as close as possible to the ceiling, don’t hang it too close to your ceiling since there should be some space between the drapes and the ceiling or else it will just look weird.

Invest In Multi-Purpose Furniture

You should definitely invest in multi-purpose furniture. It is such a great investment since you won’t have to buy multiple furniture that will just take up your space. Multi-purpose furniture can be anything like a bed that is turned into a sofa or a bed that has storage under the bed.

I really hope that this blog post helped you to make your room look bigger. Make sure to share this blog post with your friends and family. Take care of yourself until now xx

“Of all the rooms in the house your bedroom is yours.”
– Dorothy Draper

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