10 Steps To Creating A Productive Quarantine Morning Routine

Yes, it can be very unmotivating since you are just at home doing nothing and it’s hard to be productive, and that’s why I decided to help you out to start your morning right so that you will have a productive day!
This blog post is 10 Steps To Creating A Productive Quarantine Morning Routine.

Wake Up Early

The first step, wake up early to have a productive morning! If you wake up late you’ll just be lazy all day and you won’t have a lot of hours to do everything that you might have to do. Wake up early just like you are going to work or school so that it won’t be hard to get back to work/school once all of this is over as well and it’s also good to stick to your normal routine even though you are just stuck at home.

Don’t Look At Your Phone

Try to not look at your phone once you are awake since you’ll just get distracted by social media and you will lay in your bed all day watching TikTok videos and scrolling down your Instagram feed

Make Your Bed

The first thing you should do when you wake up is to make your bed. Your room will look so much cleaner and you’ll be more productive. Your bed is the biggest furniture in your room and if you haven’t made your bed you will feel like your entire bedroom is messy and that will just make you so unproductive.

Drink A Cup Of Water

Once you are up and you’ve made your bed go into the kitchen and drink a cold glass of water. I promise you that if you weren’t fully awake yet, this cold glass of water will definitely wake you up! It’s also important to drink water since you haven’t had anything to eat or drink for 7-8 hours so you should definitely drink a glass of water in the morning.


Now it’s time to do your skincare! Wash your face with cold water and do your morning skincare routine. This will wake you up even more and it will make you feel fresh and ready to start your productive day! It’s also important to take care of yourself and since you are just going to be at home all day you don’t have to rush doing your skincare routine!

Breakfast Time

It’s time to get something to eaaaaat. I love to eat avocado and toast in the morning and it’s a healthy breakfast as well! Make your breakfast and enjoy it.

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5-10 Min Cleaning Break

Before you start your day, set yourself a timer for 5-10 min to quickly clean your house so that you have a nice and clean place to work at. You will be less distracted if your home is clean and who doesn’t love to work in a clean place?

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Get Ready

Even though you are just going to stay at home and work there I think it’s important to get ready so that you don’t work in your pjays, which will make you unproductive and in the end you’ll just end up in the bed with your favorite Netflix series on. You can just throw on a nice blouse and some cozy sweatpants or something. This way you’ll feel more motivated to get stuff done since you just got ready to do things.

Plan Out Your Day

The next thing you should do is to plan out your day. Make a to-do list on things that you should do that day and then make a 3 Most Important Tasks List. This list should only have 3 things that you have to get done that day. You might have a whole list of stuff that you have to get done that day, but you should pick out 3 things from that list that are important and then get them done, and of course, you should do the rest of the stuff that you have on your to-do list but the 3 most important task should be your main goal to get done that day.

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Have Everything Beside You

Find out what you need while you are working or studying and have that beside you so that you won’t get up and look for those things and waste your time. Have a glass of water, a snack, your laptop charger, headphones and all of those necessary things beside you.

I hope this blog post helped you to Create A Productive Quarantine Morning Routine. If it did help you then make sure to share this blog post with your friends and family! I really want to know how your sleep schedule is since we are all in quarantine? Take care of yourself until next time! xx

“Focus on being productive instead of busy”
– Tim Ferriss

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