Simple Ways To Boost Your Focus

It’s always nice to find ways to boost your focus and that’s why I wrote this blog post so that I can help you out a bit today.
This blog post is Simple Ways To Boost Focus.

Unplug For 30 Minutes

Turn off all of your social media and your electronics and take a step back. You’ll get so much more done if you unplug yourself from social media and whatever that distracts you.

Listen To Music

Turn up the volume and listen to your favorite songs. This will eliminate distraction from background noise and you will be more motivated to do stuff when you are not distracted by your siblings yelling at each other or something else.


Find a notebook or just a paper and doodle for a bit. This will make you relax and you will focus on something else other than your work. You can doodle anything you want but if you don’t have any idea what to do, you can always find inspiration on Pinterest!

Take Breaks

Remember to always take breaks so that you don’t exhaust yourself. It shouldn’t be a long break, just a 5-10 min break is fine. Get something to eat or go for a quick walk in your break to get your mind off and think about something else.

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Create A Procrastination To-Do List

This is such a great tip that you should do! Write down everything that you should do once you are done working/studying.

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Turn Off WIFI And Put Your Phone Away

You should always turn off your wifi or put it on “Do not disturb” and put your phone away so that you don’t get distracted while you are working. Obviously you can’t do this if you have to use your phone for work but try not to go on social media and get distracted while you are working!

Sleep Well And Eat Well

It’s very important to take care of yourself. You have to at least get 7-8 hours of sleep every day if you sleep less than that you won’t be able to focus on the things that you have to get done. Since you are going to sleep for 7-8 hours without eating or anything to drink, it is also very important to eat something in the morning so that you won’t get hungry while you are working. It is more important to work well for 15 minutes instead of working for 30 minutes while being exhausted since you haven’t slept or eaten anything.

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Write Down What You Have To Do

Write down a To-Do list on what you have to do for that task, fx if you have to write an essay then write down that you have to find a title, a genre, and the characters names and when you are done with that then you are done for today and you can continue after a break or maybe the next day. You will be less distracted since you will have your to-do list right beside you and you’ll always know what you should do after you’ve done a task so you won’t be stressed out about thinking what you should do next.

Don’t Multitask

I know that a lot of us think that we can multitask but what good does that do? You won’t be able to focus on 1 thing and in the end, you’ll just be stressed out since you have to focus on multiple tasks. Start by focusing on 1 task at a time and then when you are done with that you can move on to another task and get that done.

Drink Water And Workout

It’s always important to drink water every day. I promise you that you’ll be way more focused and you won’t feel tired when you drink water. Also, go do a quick little workout because when you are being active chemicals in your brain are being released which will help you improve your focus and attention.

I hope this blog post helped you boost your focus. If it did help you make sure to share this blog post with your friends and family! Comment down below what you do to focus. Take care of yourself until next time! xx

“I meditate and pray before going onstage – it helps me focus”
– Harry Styles

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