What To Look Forward To When Quarantine Is Over

I can’t wait until all of this quarantine is over and we can go out and not be afraid to stand beside people. I am sure you are as excited as I am for everything to go back to normal and we all are just looking forward to that day, so why shouldn’t we make a list on what to look forward to once the world opens up again?
This blog post is What To Look Forward To When Quarantine Is Over.

Road Trip

When all of this corona stuff is gone all of us are just going to go outside and enjoy life right? So why not go on a road trip?? Road trips are sooooo fun. Pick up your friends and just drive! Sing as loud as you can with your friends while you are listening to your favorite tunes!!


Get together will all your besties and make a big cozy sleepover with them! You can wear the same pjays and have all your favorite snacks and watch a great show or a movie.

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Going To The Movies

It’s been many years since I’ve been to the movies, I don’t even remember how old I was. I don’t usually go to the movies but a lot of my friends do and if you love going to the movies then you can look forward to finally doing this! Go with your friends or your other half and watch a movie while eating popcorn.

Going To Disneyland

I love Disneyland but I’ve only been there once though and I would love to go there again someday!! Who doesn’t love Disneyland? You can meet your favorite character in person and there are so many delicious places to eat, great shops, live entertainment, and exciting rides!!

Have Lunch With Friends And Family

It’s been soooo long since I’ve eaten at a restaurant and I REALLY miss it!! When someone in our family has a birthday we usually go out and eat and two of my siblings has had their birthday but we couldn’t go out to eat, it was so sad!! You can either have brunch, dinner, or whatever you like at your favorite restaurant, yum!

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Festivals And Gigs

Are you bummed that you maybe can’t go to your favorite festival or gig this year? Well hopefully all of this clears up by then or else you can look forward to going there next year!!


Gosh, I miss traveling so bad! My family and I often drive to Germany and spend a day there shopping etc and comes back home that night and I miss that so much! I can’t wait to sit on a plane again or crossing the border!!

The Outdoors

Don’t we all just miss going outside without our masks on and not crossing the road when someone is walking towards us?! I go out for a walk every day since it makes me so much happier and yes I am being safe and all so don’t worry!

Hugging People

I think everyone misses hugging their loved once, and I can’t wait either! Once all of this is over you should go out in the streets and give your neighbour a big hug, visit your grandparents and give them a hug, just hug everyone you want!!

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Go back To School & Work

I know that some schools and workplaces are open now, but there are still students who are having online lectures from home and people that are working from home. Get excited to go back to school and see all your friends and your favorite teachers again.

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Go To The Gym

I’ve seen so many TikTok videos where people say that they are missing going to the gym and I totally get that. Look forward to working out at your gym instead of in your living room.


I know I know that you are probably having a spa day every day now since you are just at home, but don’t you miss going out and getting your nails or hair done? I am sure you do so get excited to get it done when all the world gets normal again!!

I hope this blog post gave you some ideas on what to look forward to when quarantine is over. If it did help you then make sure to share this blog post with your friends and family, I would appreciate that a lot! Comment down below what you are most excited about when quarantine is over? Take care of yourself until next time! xx

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”
– Robert Breault

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