10 Ways To Organize Your Bathroom

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If you’ve read my other blog posts you’ve probably organized your office and your room as well so now it’s time to organize your bathroom, yay!!
This blog post is all about How To Organize Your Bathroom

Storage Keeper

Get yourself one of these. This is such a great way to organize your things in your bathroom. You can keep your towels, soaps, swabs, and whatever you’d like. This is such a great investment since it has wheels so you can easily move it around and pull it in and out from narrow spaces. It is really easy to put together and the plastic surface help resist chipping or scratching!

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Bathroom Storage Cabinet + Toilet Paper Holder Stand

This is a really great way to hide all the things you don’t want to be shown in your bathroom, and it looks really cute too! This is also a toilet paper holder, isn’t that cool! This fits perfectly in a tight space and you can store whatever you want inside.

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Is there even a cuter way to keep your Q-tips and cotton balls? These will look great in a bathroom instead of just having the normal q-tip package laying around use these to make them look pretty and organize them! You can even have them on the storage keeper that I showed you in idea 1.

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Styling Tool Organizer

If you are a girl like me then you know the struggle of having a lot of hair tools and the wires are just all over the place, but this styling tool organizer will help you with that! You can put up to 3 styling tools and it will keep your tools separated, organized, and easy to find! The three compartments hold hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and brushes and the basket is for the cords. You can store your tools even when they are hot since the steel wire is made for that purpose. This is such a genius idea for all the girls that use styling tools! You can thank me later 😉

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Floating Shelves

Doesn’t this floating shelf look so great? I think it looks amazing! This comes in a set of 2 and you can even remove the towel holder if you don’t need it. You can use this shelf to store and display your products but you can also just use it as a decoration for your bathroom! This is a great way to have more floor space and use your walls instead.

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Drawer Organizer Set

Now let’s move on to organize your drawers. This one comes with 10 trays of different sizes, that you can organize your drawers with. These are perfect to organize your bathroom drawers and they are easy to clean as well.

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Shower Corner Shelf

I feel like everyone has these but if you don’t then it’s time to grab one! It’s such a space saver and it will keep your bathroom organized and clean. You can keep your shampoos and conditioner and all the necessary stuff that you need while you take a  shower. This corner shelf has rails that will protect your products from falling down. It even comes with mounting hardware so you can start the installation once the package arrives + it also provides wall adhesive to use on smooth surfaces.

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Toilet Paper Roll Holder

If you didn’t like the cabinet with the toilet paper holder that I showed you earlier in the post, then maybe you’d like this one. This one holds 3 rolls of toilet paper dispenses 1. Such a great way to store your toilet paper so that you’ll never be without toilet paper again.

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Bathroom Shelf

This is such a great way to save space while organizing all your products or just decorating your bathroom. I think this looks pretty stylish and I am sure it’ll look good in any space. It has 4 shelves where you can keep towels, washcloths, and other bathroom supplies.

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Bathroom Shelf Storage

Look at how cute this bathroom storage looks! You need to get this one to keep your daily skincare products, toothbrush, makeup cotton, etc and you can even have a little towel hanging. This shelf storage even holds strongly in wet and humid conditions.

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I hope this blog post helped you get some ideas on how to organize your bathroom. Make sure to share this blog post with your friends and family. Comment down below which of these ideas you like and if you have any other ideas. Take care of yourself until next time! xx

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”
– Anonymous

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