How To Save Money As A Student Living Alone

Since you are living outside or planning to move out then you know that you have to pay for everything and it can be hard to find out how to save money. It can be hard to budget everything since you’ll have to find out everything yourself but I am here to help you out. I don’t live alone (yet haha) but I am sure that these tips will help you to at least save a little bit of money every month! 
This blog is about How To Save Money As A Student Living Alone.

Grocery Bag

Get yourself a cotton grocery bag that you can use all the time instead of buying one of those plastic bags every time you are at the checkout. You’ll save money and it’s better for the environment to not buy the plastic bags.

Big Bottle Of Soap

If you are like me and you want to make your bathroom look all cute so you get yourself one of those cute small hand soaps just because they look cute, well then let me give you this tip! Get yourself a cute soap dispenser and when you are out to buy soap to put inside your dispenser, buy one of those big bottles of soap. This way you save money since you are not buying one of those small bottles of soap all the time, and you get a lot of extra soap, how great is that?!

Freeze Meat Down

Buy meat when it’s on sale and freeze it down. If you know that you’ll be eating meatballs in a few weeks and you know that they are on sale now, why not get them while they are on sale and freeze them down until you want to make them?

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Make A Grocery List

If you make a grocery list you will be more likely to only buy what’s on the list and nothing else. You won’t be stressed out on what to buy when you are at the grocery store when you have your grocery list right there! So start creating grocery lists in your notes on your phone and check each item off that you buy. 

Dish Soap + Water

Another way to save money is when you are almost done with your dish soap you know that there is always a little bit of amount left at the button but it’s just hard to get out, just pour a little bit of water and shake the bottle, the dish soap will be a bit watery but hey now you have a bit more dish soap that you can use for a while instead of going out to buy a whole new bottle of dish soap!

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Save Money Online

If you are like me and you love to shop online but when you see how much the total price is at the checkout you just want to cry, then I have a tip for you! Use “Shoptagr” it’s such a great little tool to use when you are shopping. The way it works is that you download the Shoptagr extension your laptop, and whenever you shop just click on that little extension and it will find all the coupon codes there is!! You just saved a few bucks on shopping, thank me later! 😉

Thrift Shops

When you are moving out you have to buy everything yourself and it is not cheap! And that’s why you should use thrift shops! It is good for the environment and you’ll get everything you need for a cheaper price. So if you are looking for pans go buy some at your thrift shop and then you can buy some expensive once when you have the money for it later!

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Aldi / Lidl

These two shops are literally my favorite place to buy groceries! They are so much cheaper than all the other stores and they have great groceries!! If you are not familiar with these two stores go look for them and I promise you that you won’t regret it!

Grocery Shop Once A Week

As the title says, only grocery shop once a week! This way you would have planned out what you are going to eat for that week and you be spending more money than you are planning. If you are just buying food whenever and not planning your food ahead, you will just spend a lot of money that you could have saved instead!

Get A Part Time Job

Yes, I know it can be hard for some people to have a job while you are going to college etc…and if you are okay with not having a job then that’s great! But it’s so much good for you to have a job since you will have something else to do instead of studying all the time, and you’ll earn some money that you can save up for something! So go get yourself a part-time job and start earning some money!!

I hope that these few tips will help you to save money, let me know if you are going to use some of these tips and if you have some other tips on saving money! Share this blog post with your friends and family, I would appreciate that! Also, remember to download my FREE Monthly Budget Planner right here! Take care of yourself until next time!

“He who buys what he does not need steals from himself.”
– Swedish Proverb

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