13 Dorm Room Essentials

It’s moving out time!! A lot of people are going to college and moving into dorms and that’s what this blog post is about! Since you might be new to all this move out stuff I thought I would make you a list of useful things that you might need for your dorm room!!

Clothing Rack

Clothing racks will look so good in your dorm room since you can hang your favourite pieces on it or make it all aesthetic!

Makeup Mirror

This is such a good investment for your dorm room since you can just sit in your room and do your skincare and put on your makeup instead of using the bathroom or waiting for someone in the bathroom.

First Aid Kit

You need a first aid kit if something happens since you won’t be having your parents around to take care of you. Get yourself this first aid with everything you need if something happens.

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A Fan

Get these hangers for your dorm room, it comes in a pack of 50 for 17 dollars!! Get them before they are sold out!

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Of course, you need a bookshelf to put all your books or just to put cute decorations on it!

Laptop stand

It’s important to have a good posture when you are sitting down in front of your laptop and working so that you don’t hurt your back. Get this laptop raiser for your desk in your dorm room, which will raise your laptop so you won’t be looking down at your laptop.

Full length mirror

Obviously you need a full-length mirror in your dorm room to see your outfit and take those insta pictures!

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Bed comforter

You also need a bed comforter, obviously! Get yourself this one from Amazon, it will look so pretty in your dorm room!!

String lights

You need string lights to decorate your room with, it will make your room feel so cosy and it will look pretty as well!

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Trash can
Under-bed storage bags
Web Hosting
Artificial hanging leaves

I really hope this blog post helped you find some dorm room essentials, make sure to leave a comment that helps me a lot to get my blog posts out there. Share this blog post with your friends and family, and subscribe for my email list to be the first one to know when I published a blog post! Take care of yourself until next time xx

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