9 Tips On How To Handle A Busy Schedule

Life can get pretty busy and overwhelming when you have a lot of stuff to do. But with the tips I am going to give you I hope that your busy schedule gets less busy and stressful.
This blog post shows you 9 Tips On How To Handle A Busy Schedule.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

Don’t be hard on yourself. If you push yourself too hard it’ll make you exhausted and you’ll start getting unmotivated and be unproductive, and that’s not what you want right? Try to calm down and take it a bit slow.

Make A Schedule And Stick To It

Create a schedule for each day and write down which task you have to get done what day etc and try to stick to it!! By making a schedule you’ll feel less overwhelmed and stressed out since you already have everything planned for each day!

Create To-Do Lists

Make To-Do lists the night before or the first thing in the morning so that you know what you have to get done for the day. You can use sites like Trello or Notion to create lists!

Or you can also just use the notes app on your phone like this.

This next tip is to prioritize your most important tasks. For example certain class projects/homeworks are more important than others and maybe you have a lot to do one day but you also have to meet up with your friends, then you should find out if you want to prioritize your work/school over friends or the other way around.

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Stay Realistic

You need to stay realistic with how many tasks you have to get done for the day. If you are planning on going to the gym, make 3 assignments and going to work, let me tell you that that is not realistic! You can not do all that and also do everything else like eating, take a shower etc, that is just unrealistic. So you have to create a realistic plan for the day instead of just throwing everything into one day and expect yourself to get everything done, because that’s not going to happened.

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Have A Routine

It’s also important to create a routine to keep yourself organized. Create a daily routine for yourself like what time are you going to wake up? What are the first things you are going to do in the morning for example: eat breakfast, shower etc. Then schedule in when you are going to make homework, meet up with family/friends and so on. By creating a routine you’ll feel less overwhelmed and you’ll know exactly what time to do each task.

Take Breaks

I know I know, you think you won’t have time to take a break, but if you don’t then you’ll just end up losing the motivation to get stuff done. Remember to at least take small breaks throughout the day so that won’t be burnt out at the end of the day.

Find A Support System

Whenever you feel too stressed out or overwhelmed with everything you have to get done, always remember that you’ll always have your friends and family. Find someone that you can talk to when you need it. It’s important to have someone to talk to when you feel stressed out so that you don’t keep all of your thoughts to yourself and get yourself even more stressed out.

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Do self-care!! This is sooo important, girl you are working too much and stressing yourself out so obviously you need a self-care day to treat yourself! Take a hot bath with candles, your favorite bath bombs, do your nails and skincare and get yourself a delicious meal while watching your favorite movie! You need to treat yourself for working so much, you deserve it!

I really hope that you like this blog post! If you did then make sure to share this blog post with your friends and family, that would make me so happy!! Take care of yourself until next time! xx

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